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Energy and Movement are the 2 words that contain the concept of Energym.

The energy is a continuous movement, without which there is no life.

There are different types of energy, but the ones that involve mainly the man are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. None of these can exclude the other, and they are closely related, one to the other;

working on the body improves our emotional, mental and spirit state.

Knowing the body, knowing how to control and use it consciously can open important gates that allow us to perceive our "state of life" in search of the elusive psycho-physical balance that, almost like a philosopher's stone, we are going to look for it to make sure not to fall or at least do it with the least possible consequences. Gymnastics and the expression of the body are always an important part of all cultures that use them not only to activate all the anatomical and functional processes, which allow the proper functioning of the human machine, but also to stimulate and train indirectly the will, dedication, commitment, perseverance, respect, self-analysis, introspection (just to name a few).

The sport educational aspect has been  known and studied for millennia, but, though it is essential and basic for the growth of man, it is often relegated to the few and underrated moments in the national school.

Energym embodies the essence of the physical education working not only on the fortification of the motor skills, but also on the coordinatio and conditional ones, flexibility and balance (the famous "skill"), which stimulated and trained help to get a coherent and honest perception of our status in life.

The use of techniques of classic, corrective and postural gym, combined with many other type of "movement-health" such as yoga, pilates, qi gong, give awareness of the body;

the classical physical preparation, or other disciplines that are currently fashionable is used for the improvement of the conditional skill;

The basic concepts of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics allow us to deeply understand how we are made, what is the best way to perform an exercise, what it is for and which somato-emotional consequences hides behind it.

Practicing Energym you learn to move and to be effective in all sports and social areas.

in Turin:

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