Ttheto Porzzoli,

class 68 begins his sporting activity at the gardens of the quarter (as shown in the image on the left) and, after a few timid and ineffective attempts by the japanese at the elementary school, is convinced "the power" by her parents to attend the gyms of the Royal Society of Gymnastics in Turin.

Learned, to his regret, that the Gymnastics had nothing to do with the dance but it was something very similar to the outdoor activities normally practiced, and, easily, little by little, to the rigor and severity of education in the sport and compete up to 16 years with decent results and then continue as the head coach of the youth sector.

Having much more free time and, having returned to attend to the gardens, is "kindly" invited by her to find an alternative sport...

In order to avoid unpleasant discussions and fights from the street and the house will be persuaded to participate in the first course of rock Climbing organized by the Italian alpine club, 1984, the director of the course was M. Bernardi, instructors, A. Gallo, G., Massari, F., Bradley, L. Castile...how to not fall in love with this sport and this new environment?


School, gym, gymnastics in the week, the crag on Sunday and some evening at Palavela to be able to practice, it was 1985, and in those years, training for climbing was: climbing, chin-ups and suspension at the bar.

In 1986, he participated in the second edition of Sport Roccia in Bardonecchia and some other race which in those years began to appear on cliffs natural Piedmont and the Valle d'aosta.

In 1987, enrolling in allIsef of Turin decides that the sport will enter definitively in his life, in part as an athlete but especially as a technician, trainer, and educator in the motor, bringing the movement and the expression of the body and sport in many social contexts. Working with children, the elderly, the disabled, motor and psychic and follows a number of projects with communities of at-risk youth, and addicts.

For the whole of 1995 is the contact person for the climbing to the Itaca project of the Municipality of Turin, which intervenes on the boys in the Juvenile Prison Ferrante Aporti of the city. Though the laboratory is planning to climb the inmates on the wall built in the gym of the institute, none of them uses the techniques acquired to fulfill :-D, and indeed is given huge value to the power of education and the integration of the sport, through trust in oneself and in the other that us "security".

In addition to working in various sports facilities such as fitness instructor, and postural gymnastics, dedicated in particular to teaching and the athletic training of the youth by activating, at the Palavela, the activity of climbing for children with the name "climb and play", a name that is still used to identify the courses of approach to the discipline of sport climbing for children aged 4 to 8 years.

Federal instructor, tracker the third level, the trainer, are the qualifications PHASES acquired over the years.

Expert in physical training and coach of the fourth European level, those issued by the School of Sport of CONI, where he continues to form and constantly update.

The shiatsu practitioner since 2009, regularly registered in the registry of the COS as a professional operator, he is a teacher of the first levels at the school Hen Ryu, where she teaches classes, Energym, activities-free body he had created and that it contains in itself all the acquired skills to try to convey the culture of well-being through physical movement and energy. It is also seeking to introduce shiatsu to the world of sport, in the technical staff and working often on athletes of different sports disciplines.

From the several years following the physical preparation and technique of sports and athletes with the specializzazzione in climbing.

Andrea Jannon, Luca Passini, Roberto Colonnetti, Matteo Marini, Fabrizio Droetto, Alessandro Catalano, Carlo Giuliberti, Jacopo Larcher are some of the climbers who, like athletes, have been trained in its 30 years of experience.

In 2009 he collaborated with the Federation of Iran for the selection of the representative of the Speed, Boulder and Lead for the asian championships the same year.

He is currently a consultant for the competition at the SASP Turin and the Etna Climbing Ragalna (Ct), coach of Stefano Carnati and Simone Tentori (Spiders of Lecco) and Matteo Manzoni (Koren).

The creator of the SKILL Climbing Method is bringing the method and the system at the company Spiders of Lecco and mount Etna Cimbing through training and updating of technicians.

Torino takes advantage of collaborators-professionals can give the sport a 360° consultancy .

The aim is the improvement of motor skills, mental, emotional, without forgetting that health is primary: "the preservation of sporty and long-lived, and bearers of a message of well-being."

SKILL Climbing Method comes from the fundamental importance of Tito Pozzoli gives to the collaboration of the staff for the "Athlete Man" is considered to be unique, and can obtain, through comparison between professionals, a concrete answer and shared by a group that pursues the same objectives.

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